Monday, January 3, 2011

Shruti Pandey, Only 6-year-old girl is the Youngest Yoga Instructor

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Benefits that people get from yoga is undeniable. And it is not surprising that the number of fans of yoga grows with every year.

One of the youngest yoga instructors can rightfully be called a 6-year-old Shruti Pandey, who is now 2 years of successful teaching is an art.

However, it is not the only "miracle" in the family, such as her brother, Harsh Kumar, before the age of 5 have mastered all 84 positions of yoga. Because of this, he got into the record books Limka and simultaneously became a source of inspiration for Shruti. However, Harsh himself was never interested in a career instructor.

As the instructor of the Shruti: "It has a remarkable flexibility, commitment and perseverance. It is really a talent for this art. In addition, she is very attentive to his students, for older, it offers an alternative, less demanding positions."

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