Thursday, August 15, 2013

Amulyam: A Site where you can make Money

  • Instant Money Credits  

This page contains only the options which can give you money credits instantly. Browse special offers and coupons to get high free recharge amounts and better discounts if you are buying flight tickets, books, electronics..etc from any Indian websites.

Write a review about on your blog or website and get Rs.100 free recharge.

Include below unique URL in your blog or website article. Apart from Rs.100 free recharge, you will get Rs.1 for every user that joins through this link.

Tips to earn free Recharges:
  1. Login daily and get up to Rs. 0.25 as login incentive.
  2. Don't miss your daily earning opportunity with trivia game and contests.
  3. Check for offers with instant money credits in special offers. They give you more money in less time.
  4. Create contests or upload funny pics and get paid for approved content.
  5. When you buy anything on the web, be it a book or flight ticket or electronics..etc, before you buy, check our special offers and coupons to get higher free recharge amounts and better discounts.
  6. Invite your friends to amulyam and when they join amulyam through your invitation URL, you get Rs.1 for each registration. Inviting is just one time work but it earns money for you always.
  7. Open and click on bonusmails that you receive on your amulyam registered mail id.

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