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Friendship, the meaning of Friendship, complete honesty, truth, and trust. The Roman philosopher Cicero, comparison of personal relationships, Value that found in friendships, Friendship SMS, Friendship Greetings & true friends-Airto Video [with Lyrics]

The Roman philosopher Cicero believed that in order to have a true friendship with someone, one must have complete honesty, truth, and trust. He also thought that friends would do things for each other without expectation of repayment. If a friend is about to do something wrong, one should not compromise one's morals and let the friend commit the action- one should explain what is wrong about the action, and help one's friend understand what is right. Cicero believed that ignorance is the cause of evil.
  In a comparison of personal relationships, friendship is considered to be closer than association, although there is a range of degrees of intimacy in both friendships and associations. Friendship and association can be thought of as spanning across the same continuum. The study of friendship is included in the fields of sociology, social psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and zoology. Various academic theories of friendship have been proposed, among which are social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics, and attachment styles.

Value that is found in friendships is often the result of a friend demonstrating the following on a consistent basis:
The tendency to desire what is best for the other,
Sympathy and empathy,
Honesty, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth, especially in terms of pointing out the perceived faults of one's counterpart,
Mutual understanding and compassion,
Trust in one another (able to express feelings - including in relation to the other's actions - without the fear of being judged); able to go to each other for emotional support,
Positive reciprocity - a relationship is based on equal give and take between the two parties.

Some heart touching & wonderful SMS on Friendship:
when clouds break rain falls.
when coconut break water falls.
when love break tears falls but
when friendship break life falls
so never break friendship.
Dost dost nahi dil ki dua hota hai,
Mehsos tab hota hai jab woh juda hota hai,
bina dost jena ek saza hota hai, or
dost aap jaisa hoto jeene ka apna maza hota hai.
Friendship is not a game to play,
It is not a word to say,
It doesn’t start on March and ends on May,
It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.
God picked up a flower and dipped it in a DEW,
lovingly touched it which turned in to you,
and the he gifted to me and said, 
A deep friend is like rainbow,
when the perfect amount of happiness 
and tears are mixed,
the result is a colorful bridge between 2 hearts.


Sweet heart is the special word for love
love is the special word for care
care is the special word for friend
friend is the special word for you.
Karogay yaad to har baat yaad ayegi
guzarty waqat ki her mouj teher jaygi
Taalash karo gaye hum say behtar dost ko
Nigah dour talak jaa kar lout aayegi.

People say friends are made in heaven when
they come in your life. But I made a friend like you
in this world and made my life a heaven.


Dosti gunah hai to hone na dena
Dosti Kudha hai to khone na dena
Karte ho dosti jab kisi se
Kabhi us dost ko rone na dena


I can’t find a reason why God give u to me
But that is not the Question to be asked,
may be the question is how did God knew
That I needed a friend like you.


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