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Rose Festival; The biggest Rose Show in the country, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Asia's largest Rose Garden, Festival of Gardens & trees of medicinal value

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, is a botanical garden with 50,000 rose-bushes of 1600 different species. Named after India's former president, Zakir Hussain and created in 1967 under the guidance of Dr M.S. Randhawa, Chandigarh's first chief commissioner, the garden has the distinction of being Asia's largest. The garden has not only roses, but also trees of medicinal value. Some of the medicinal plants that can be spotted here are bel, bahera, harar, camphor and yellow gulmohar. The rose plants have been planted in carved-out lawns and flower beds.

Next to city centre, in Sector 16 is situated Zakir Hussain Rose Garden Asia's largest Rose Garden and is spreaded over 30 acres of land. These have been planted beautifully carved out lawns and flowers beds. Like the cultural zone which is just across the road in sector 10,this was also planned by Dr. M.S. Randhawa as his interest in horticulture and fondness for flowers was profuse. Every year, either at the end of February or beginning of March, a big festival known as Rose Festival, is celebrated at this garden. Over 20,000 people visit this festival. It’s one of the great celebrations in the city. There are lots of competitions, cultural celebrations and many other events.
File:Chandigarh Rose Fest.jpg
The winning flower from Rose Fest 2006 

The biggest Rose Show in the country is held at the famous Rose Garden at Chandigarh. Varieties of magnificent roses are on display during this two-day festival.

The Festival of Gardens popularly known as Rose Festival is celebrated at Rose Garden in the month of February end or beginning of March. This year, The Rose Festival will be Celebrated from 25th to 27th of February. Initially called the Rose Festival it intended to encourage people to stroll through the Rose Garden and enjoy the sight of the blooms.

Each year the festival grew: now it includes performances of music and dance, both classical and folk, flower shows, events for children, exhibitions by local artists, photographers and craftsman and a wide range of amusements. Since 1997 it is known as the Festival of Gardens and is included on the national calendar of festivals. The city pulls out all the stops for this celebration, reminiscent of ancient India's Vasant Utsav in honor of spring.
src:wikipedia/festivals of india
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